Exposition photographique : « Minuit » de Hubert Kilian

L’un des photographes étrangers les plus talentueux de Taiwan sera bientôt de retour à l’occasion de cette exposition intitulée :  » Minuit ».

expo hubertFort d’une expérience photographique de plus de 2 décennies, Hubert Kilian, proposera pour la première fois une sélection entièrement personnelle issue d’un travail long de 3 années passées dans les rues tumultueuses du Grand Taipei. A travers cette démarche qui repose sur les choix de l’argentique et du Noir et Blanc, Hubert Kilian met en valeur le potentiel poétique des nuits de la capitale taiwanaise et de sa banlieue.
« Minuit » ou cet instant mystérieux, lorsque le temps bascule entre deux journées et où tout semble pouvoir se passer.

Ici, ce n’est pas une mais autant d’histoires propres à cet autre visage de Taipei qui sont contées à travers l’objectif d’Hubert Kilian.

Une exposition qu’on ne saurait que trop vous recommander si vous êtes à Taipei, tant le regard que porte Hubert Kilian sur le Grand Taipei est emprunt d’une poésie qui flirte avec le réalisme nocturne de la première agglomération taiwanaise.

En bref, on vous donne d’ores et déjà rendez-vous le 16 novembre 2013 à l’espace d’art contemporain :
8th Floor
Taipei City, Zhongshan district, Shuangcheng St., Alley 19, N.21, 8F

台北市中山區雙城街19巷21號8F, 104

Et si vous n’avez pas eu l’occasion d’aller y faire un tour, voici Hubert Kilian qui vous conte cette expo en deux volets de l’art du temps: 1er volet/ 2ème volet




In French, MINUIT means midnight: the transitional period between sunset and sunrise. It is a time when the date changes, crimes are committed and transformations occur. Cities offer a different spectacle by day and night. By day, Taipei is a moody yet busy city characterized by an obsolete modernity of which the beauty is never obvious at the first sight. At night, when MINUIT is stealthily approaching, Taipei’s face is shifting, slowly emerging from the dark in the weak, flickering neon lights. At that unique moment, when nothing matters more than the fact of being there, reality is shrinking, time stops running normally and the breath of the city can be heard. Its walls and lanes, its windows and boulevards are evolving into a spectacle of dancing shadows and heavy atmospheres, revealing the secrets of Taipei’s hidden side.

Starting 2010, HUBERT KILIAN has spent long hours each week walking the streets of Taipei and New Taipei at night. The collection of images presented here shows my desire to track down the souls of the city and to capture its after-dark charm. A few night creatures, bit players in this shadow theater, include shopkeepers sleeping in stores that time forgot, tired night workers resting in anonymous eateries on street corners and lost souls or casual walkers savouring an original, nocturnal lifestyle. All these people have gently and generously shared with me those precious secrets that make Taipei by night one of the most fascinating and poetic cities in the world.

HUBERT KILIAN is a Taipei-based French journalist. He began his photographic odyssey in 1996 and, for the past two decades, has been photographing cities to document the relationships between inhabitants and their environment. Through this urban momentum, he seeks to reveal the dramatic potential of the great spectacle of time and people passing by, and of the stones that remain. Taipei is one of his favorite subjects. He has spent many hours visiting every corner to meet people, to record their ways of life and to capture reminiscences of the past and vanishing memories. His work has shown in Paris, Taipei and Bandung, as well as being published in several French and Taiwanese magazines.

文/ 余白

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